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Great for Team Buildings

Are you looking for a fresh and creative corporate event? Fox in a Box is the answer!
Using teamwork and creative thinking to solve logical problems and overcome challenges, this is the ultimate team building activity.

BLOGS / Escape Rooms for Children and Teens in Graz

Are you searching for an exciting escape room experience suitable for children and teens, including options for birthday parties and special celebrations? Look no further!

At Fox in a box we offer an innovative, fun, and creative way for children, kids, and teens to enjoy an escape room adventure. Whether it's a birthday celebration or a group gathering, our child-friendly escape rooms provide a unique and entertaining experience.






We were a group of 3 which is at the lower end of the number of participants recommended for the games.
We did the zombie lab and had great fun even though we did not end up finishing the game.
At the end of the game, the game master talked to us a lot about the puzzle, how they set it up and all the nifty tricks that are in it.
He allowed us to finish the game while he was cleaning up so we can experience what happens at the end.
Two days afterwards we went for the prison break.
The prison was a great experience, on par with the zombie lab, but the zombie lab might just be the better puzzle (even though prison break is the classic one) as it has some really nifty puzzles.
Overall we had an amazing experience.
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2018/12 - 698tarikc - TripAdvisor

It's easy to make a Prison - just put some grates on windows, buy some old used beds and matresses, set some padlocks and you're good to go.
It's good that Fox In The Box made something bigger than that.
There is a story here.
Someone, who once escaped, helps you to do it too.
The prison cells are done very well, there is not much items to work with, as it should be in prison, so you have that desperate feeling, that you never escape.
And now you start thinking like a prisoner - where can you hide the stuff, how can you leave hints and communicate to others.
It's a pity, that the second, the control room destroys part of that impression, forcing you to simple solve-puzzle-enter-code-into-a-padlock loop. It would be nice to have a continued story here.
All in all it's a very good thing to do on a rainy day and then go to a nearby cafe to celebrate your freedom.
Thanks to Nagie (hope I spelled that correct) for being a great game master.
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2017/09 - Ruslan B - TripAdvisor

Fun and exciting!
"Fun, challenging and exciting!
Thoughtfully made games excellent to play with friends after long hardworking day.
Staff is extremely friendly and doing their job great and with pleasure.
Overall great and fun! Definitely coming back again!"
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2017/04 - Matija B - TripAdvisor

Prison Break was a great new experience for me.
The game is a great mixture of adrenalin, brainstorming, teamwork, creativity and adaptability.
It is suitable for a team-building as well as nice saturday afternoon fun with friends (afterwards you can celebrate while having a nice dinner and beer).
It feels like being in a computer game or a movie, but it is better because there are real people with you. I am very glad that I had the opportunity to try it and would recommend this game to everyone.
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2017/04 - Margaretageci - TripAdvisor

Duration of a game is 60 minutes, every game has it own original story, specially made interior for each game that just makes you forget where you are while trying to win, escape, save the world, whatever!
Everything is designed to create a great ATMOSPHERE;THE STORY, SOUNDS, LIGHTS, THE STAFF, you will love it!
So if you like thinking outside the box and being challenged, meeting very nice people, this is a place to go either with friends or colleges!
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2017/03 - Nevena K - TripAdvisor

This games are so well made, such a great atmosphere and an hour playing goes so fast!
It is just so much fun, searching for answers to puzzles that are all around you!
PRISON BREAK was so cool, I never thought I would be locked up for REAL and be able to escape, and that needed some teamwork! We managed to get out in the last minute! :)
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2017/02 - Ivan T - TripAdvisor